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I present to you, Bucky Barnes wearing a Hitler t shirt.


That’s the best use of this reaction image I think I’ll ever see.

Even Sebastian looks confused. XD







ATTENTION: if you see a post like this, IT IS A SCREAMER. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK.

The screamer includes a black and white flashy gif maximized to fit your browser and a very loud piercing screech noise. If in any way this can trigger you, please be aware and reblog to signal boost.

thankyou ohmygod a friend linked me this literally 2 minutes ago and i was about to click it and i would’ve had a seizure you saved my life ohmygod im so grateful

Just in case I have any followers with epilepsy like myself. Stay safe!

I love seeing my followers reblog this! This is fucking awful. And when we say you saved our lives? Let me explain. 2x the number of people that die from breast cancer each year die from having seizures. So yeah, it’s a fucking big deal. So thank you all so much! Everyone, please signal boost!

What type of person would do that? It’s extremely dangerous! Especially those with seizure related medical conditions!


My mother has epilepsy so i can understand the high risk from flashing lights. Please signal boost to make sure everyone stays safe. The risk is high and very real so please signal boost for others if not for yourself. It could save lives.

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if anyone remembers the story that was making rounds a while back about a 19 year old discovering the solution to cleaning up the pacific garbage patch, that project launched a fundraider which now has 7 days to reach it’s goal.


5 days left to go, only about 200,000 short of a 2 million goal

Signal boost! Fuckin a.



You haven’t seen happiness until you’ve seen 7 rats in a box of (pet safe) packing peanuts

ohmygod ;o;

Hey Moonykins!

My thoughts on new who. (Spoilers if you havent seen already)

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he’s the prettiest cheerleader of the all

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Sherlock fans and Canon.

It makes me sad that whenever i go on the sherlock holmes tag theres hardly any Arthur Conan Doyle sherlock on there, Or Basil rathbone or Jeremy brett. I mean as much as i love the Benny C sherlock hes not the only one guys. And me being one of those “READ THE BOOK!” people it really annoys me.

I get really pissed when people say their a true sherlock fan when they’ve only watched the Ben C or Robert downy jr ones. *Sigh* Missing out guys. Basil and Jeremy are my fave sherlocks and they deserve recognition as well as the original works that the Ben c series was based off of.  

What im getting at is how can you say you’re a true fan if your never read the original books? The “Sherlock” series was based off of these books so the “Sherlock” Isn’t the true canon of sherlock holmes. 

No matter how great the “Sherlock” or “Elementary” series’ are or the movies. And they are great they are works of art. Im afraid they are not the true sherlock holmes and are not really canon. There can be “BBC Sherlock canon” Or “Elementary canon” Canons for themselves but if you say they are canon to sherlock holmes in general you are wrong. The books and only the books are canon. All others are adaptations, Like the fanfiction we write.

*Siiiigh* Rant over. Sorry guys. Needed to vent. Really pisses me off.

Reblog if you’re NOT taking part in the westpocalypse


If this happens, and those pictures resurface when West is in middle school and he gets bullied, who do you think is the first person he’s going to lash out at?


Honestly, I can see it now. He comes home from school where his classmates have Westpocalypse pictures everywhere. I could easily see him saying to Misha, “Why’d you have to be famous? Why did your fans do this to me? Do they hate me?”

Seriously guys, PLEASE, don’t do this to West.

I didn’t even know this was going to be a thing but please don’t do this. Misha wouldn’t want this to happen to his child. Please be considerate.

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tagged: #robin williams



robin williams died today.

here is a list of things that robin williams was:

  • funny
  • sharp
  • kind
  • clever
  • and sad.

that’s important, the “and sad,” because sometimes sadness can feel like the only thing we are. it can feel all-encompassing. it can feel like the only thing anyone could possibly see, when they look at you: sad. that person is so, so, sad.

but there is always an “and.” we are never just sad. we are never only. we are always and.

we have all known people who were sad, who are sad; some of us are ourselves sad. being sad does not remove the other parts of us, though it can make them harder for us to see. when you are sad, you don’t necessarily feel like you are also funny, and sharp, and clever, and kind.

but you still are. you don’t have to feel like something to be it.

those things are written on your bones, they are woven into the fabric of your skin. sadness can feel so big, so big and overwhelming and complete, even when it is not a directed sadness. maybe especially when it is not a directed sadness, when it’s a depression that has no direct cause and nothing we can name.

sometimes the sadness is too big. people try to cut it out, or starve it out, or drink it down, or drug it silent. if this is you: i’m sorry. if this is you: you are not alone. if this is you: remember that the solution is never to give up, because you do not live in a vacuum. there are people waiting for you. there are films and songs and books and not-sadness waiting for you. i know that you don’t feel like waiting, but wait anyway.

if you need help, ask for it. here’s a link to crisis centers across the globe. if you live in the U.S., this is the national suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255.

robin williams died today, but the genie didn’t, and mrs. doubtfire didn’t, and peter pan didn’t. sean maquire didn’t, and professor philip brainard didn’t, and alan parrish didn’t. batty koda didn’t. john keating didn’t. you didn’t. 


i wasn’t going to reblog anymore on this but i read this and i feel like there are probably some folks on here who might need to read it, too.
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It kind of freaks me out how hard this is hitting me. I haven’t cried this much in quite a while. I kind of feel a little ridiculous? Because I keep falling apart, as if I’ve lost a family member or a really close friend. Which of course I haven’t, I’ve never been lucky enough to meet Robin, much…

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I love you with all my heart. With every cell, with every molecule, with every atom. I love you on the sub-atomic level.

Professer Philip Brainard in Flubber

How the whole world felt about Robin Williams. 

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What platitudes then can we fling along with the listless, insufficient wreaths at the stillness that was once so animated and wired, the silence where the laughter was? That fame and accolades are no defence against mental illness and addiction? That we live in a world that has become so negligent of human values that our brightest lights are extinguishing themselves? That we must be more vigilant, more aware, more grateful, more mindful? That we can’t tarnish this tiny slice of awareness that we share on this sphere amidst the infinite blackness with conflict and hate?

That we must reach inward and outward to the light that is inside all of us? That all around us people are suffering behind masks less interesting than the one Robin Williams wore? Do you have time to tune in to Fox News, to cement your angry views to calcify the certain misery?

What I might do is watch Mrs Doubtfire. Or Dead Poets Society or Good Will Hunting and I might be nice to people, mindful today how fragile we all are, how delicate we are, even when fizzing with divine madness that seems like it will never expire.