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When you go on your period and go to get the pads but find you’ve ran out.

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Can I watch Black Butler: Circus, if I haven’t watched BB Season 2 ??

Yes you can. The 2nd season is a completely different story to the manga of which the first series is based. The circus season follows on from where the first season goes away from the manga so you can watch it without missing anything i think. This is just from what ive heard since i haven’t started the circus season yet.

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So there’s this place in New South Wales called Yass and there is a mcdonalds there and well…..


"my ass"

open 24 hours

Yes, thank you gilinskytbh, I really needed that explanation. Totally didn’t kill the joke. Nope.

…….. I actually didn’t get it until they explained it. ¬.¬………..

elveataur-writes whispered: Nice! I just wanted to thank you for being an amazing follower. I always smile when I see you liked my fics :) Thank you <3

You’re very welcome. Good likes for good fics. :)


Yeaaaahh!!!! PRIDE DAY/WEEKEND/MONTH!!! IM SO HAPPY TODAY!!!! Pan and proud man!! <3 Happy anniversary for the DOMA repeal and the Stonewall riots! Btw thanks tumblr for the fabulous logo. :)


Once Upon a Time is annoying me because they’re portraying Peter Pan as bad and I’m angry about it.

Even though im not on season three yet i got the feeling like he was a jerk from pictures of him. And in the original book Peter was actually quite a cocky brat so from the looks of it they got it right.

I mean Peter is essentially a little boy who murders pirates, Yeah they are pirate so they kinda had it coming but hes a 10 year old boy who’s murdered loads of grown men and threw a guys hand to a crocodile. Not quite hero material.

I was just wondering if i were to write a fan fiction of rumplestiltskin how young would i be able to say he is in modern day storybrooke realistically. ( Cause in fairy tale storybrooke hes over 300 years old so fairy tale self wise doesn’t matter).

I mean the actor is 51 so i wouldn’t be able to realistically go too young. So would the youngest be 45 or would i be able to sneak so far as to go 40? I mean if i were to write a romantic shippy fan fic i wouldn’t want to much of an age gap (Not that i mind age gaps of course.)

Just wondering. Thoughts? How young do you think id be able to go? Realistically please.

My Grandparents went fishing with Rumplestiltskin.

My Grandma, Grandad and uncle went to scotland on holiday once and at the time the guy who plays Rumplestiltskin in Once upon a Time was shooting part of Hamish Mcbeth in the same place.

My grandparents and uncle met him and went out fishing with him while my uncle played with once of the casts son. They chatted with him while they stayed there. Damn, My grandparents hung out and went fishing with Rumple.


Hello! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Rachel, and Remus is my ferret.




I’ve had him for just over two years, and I love him to bits.

On May 18th, Remus was diagnosed with a type of cancer called insulinoma. The short explanation is that…

Please help this girl if you can. My cousin loves ferrets and has 7 of them and i know how sweet they can be. Please help this person save her ferret.

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Grepolis help please.

Hi My first city got attacked, I worked really hard on it getting all my building on high levels but it got attacked and whenever i tried to do anything to save it it said i couldn’t because i was being attacked. And when the timer got to zero it said i had to start again from scratch. How do i prevent this from happening again and if/when i do get attacked again how to i stop it?

I made my brother read Two Shades of Green….

Please help.

I tried to download a game on my laptop *Yes i know stupid me.* And now i have a stupid search engine that i can’t get rid of on my laptop. “Search Conduit”.

Ive went onto my extensions and plug ins and removed it from there and ive went to my control panel and programs and deleted it from there. Ive fixed everything apart from whenever i open a new tab it goes to the search conduit.

And pop ups comes on sometimes when i click stuff that should do that. Like pressing the heart button on here! If any of you know how to get rid of this then pleeeease tell me because its super annoying and the pop ups are making me nervous. Thank you.

vethebox whispered: Hi,I like your blog very much

Thanks! I haven’t posted anything for ages though. I just like stuff now but i will start posting eventually. I have over 40,000 likes DX need to thin them out!

Just had my first ever panic attack. (Please read if you want.)

Well.. Just had my first ever proper panic attack just now today. It felt like i was in a bad movie (How they depict panic attacks or things like that). Felt everything the people around me were saying mush together, Overlapping and amplify,

Felt spinning whirling in my head like fog or smoke really fast kinda like on the old batman tv show when they cut to another scene and the screen span although it was not my vision but a feeling in my head and my breathing rised to the point of hyperventilation.

I felt so panicked my head was turning all around me as if looking for an escape. I had to bite down on my lower lip until it was too painful to continue to calm myself down. It was a very scary feeling.

So it was very …… Eventful. Im going to eat some snacks, Listen to the disney Princess and the frog cd Bayou Boogie to hear Dr.Faciler sing. And play Sherlock Vs Jack the Ripper on my xbox cause ive almost finished it. And then later im going to eat a million onion rings.

Comments of support or stories of your similar experiences and how you coped would help me i think. And if any of you feel anything similar and want someone to talk to please come to me, I am more than happy to talk to someone. Soo… Yeah. Eventful day….

Not enough fanfiction!!

Ive fell into a pit of StarTrek X Reader fanfiction but ive ran out of fanfiction!!! Grrrrrh! Now im just re-reading the ones ive already read. Someone please write more StarTrek X Reader fanfiction. Its just so cute and at times sexy and adorable and gaaaaah. :.( Im gunna sit here and sulk because lack of fanfiction. >:(